Commercial and Industrial Properties

One of the most fundamental fields of our expertise in recent years has been the construction of commercial units for large or small businesses.

Our highly qualified staff has worked hard for the design and construction of:

  • The bank offices and branches of the largest credit institutions with registered seat in Greece, such as PIRAEUS BANK, NATIONAL BANK, CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, EUROBANK, ALPHA BANK, MARFIN BANK etc.
  • Gas stations of international oil giants, such as BP, ECO, SHELL, MOBIL, CYCLON etc.
  • Restaurants and cafes, including DODONI, McDONALD’S, STARBUCKS etc.
  • Facilities of successful and profitable companies, such as DODONI, PAPYROS, ECO, CYCLON etc., in Greece and SE Europe.


Our main power and potential is focused on:

  • Our innovative designs.
  • The immediate and successful solution to any problem, the moment it arises;
  • The use of appropriate materials.
  • The complete utilisation of all available area.
  • Our bioclimatic applications and the way we adapt premises to the specifications of each company.
  • Our ability to build premises of both highly aesthetic and functional value, adding value to the business of our clients