Grigoris Skalistiras

Managing Director – MEng / MSc (Oxon) / MBA / PMP

Grigoris Skalistiras has more than 20 years of experience acting as President, CEO and Project Director, and more than 15 years of entrepreneurship activity in the Northeastern Europe. Being thoroughly qualified in the fields of construction, facility management and project management, he has managed to establish a strong clientele, including banks, hospitals, oil, pharmaceuticals and food retail companies.

Since 2009, he is the founder and CEO of Nicon LTD, whilst in the past he has acted as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for OFC AC, Vice-President of Unikonti Ltd, as well as the founder and CEO of SKALISTIRA SA, ΝΙCHE LTD και ISOPANEL Co.

Grigoris Skalistiras received his MSc in Major Programme Management from the University of Oxford. Grigoris previously undertook his MBA degree (graduate assistantship) at the Fox School of Business at Temple University (Philadelphia, USA) and his MEng at Technical University of Crete. He is Founder and Honorary President of the Greek Association of Industrial and Management Engineers.