Preventive & Corrective Maintenance

We provide preventative maintenance of the equipment in residential and commercial units at regular intervals, a fundamental condition for comfortable and safe living. 

Nicon offers a comprehensive package of preventative maintenance, including regular inspections, adjustments, cleaning, lubrication and minor repairs of equipment, providing replacements where necessary, from specialised teams, according to international quality standards and certifications.

We also prepare an annual maintenance schedule to ensure the smooth functioning of the equipment, which describes the work that is required for each installation in detail and the machinery needed. The preventative maintenance instructions given are carried out strictly within the timeframe by teams of qualified experts.

Meanwhile, Nicon offers complete corrective maintenance services by effectively and directly restoring any damage that occurs unexpectedly to the equipment, by repairing or replacing it.

After simply calling the client, at any day and  time of the day that is convenient to the client, our qualified staff arrives on site to repair any damage or malfunction of the equipment.