Renovation of residential and commercial units

The primary criterion for a successful development and use of a living or working area is the good feeling it creates in people and the positive impact it has on them. The renovation and remodeling of living or working areas is a necessary condition not only for the enhancement of their functionality, but also for the aesthetic enjoyment of good living and working standards in the aforementioned areas. 

You can trust the expertise, know-how and experience that Nicon has in the field of home, office and business renovations, since we use only high-quality materials and the most effective, functional designs at a significantly reduced cost. Using our long gained and extensive experience in the renovation of residential and commercial units (e.g. offices, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants etc.), we can create for you a more convenient and enjoyable daily routine at home or/ and a more functional and friendly working environment for your staff with the most effective utilisation of your business area.


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