Maintanance Software

Our maintenance services are supported by iMaint software, with which we can produce a complete picture of each client’s needs, on a 24/7 basis. This software can be delivered to each client, after providing him with a special license in order to obtain web access. This enables the client to even give our team orders regarding the specific work.
The software also provides our technical managers and clients with all the necessary information about the facilities, equipment and arrangements of each client, enabling the immediate detection and remedy of potential damage, the scheduling of regular maintenance, and the optimum management of the required staff and  the appropriate materials for each work.

In this way, a full record of the history of each installation is achieved and the steps that are needed to ensure that clients enjoy the efficient functioning of Nicon’s logistical infrastructure can be scheduled and implemented. Moreover the client can avoid charges due to improper operation, reduce energy consumption and cut costs by reducing maintenance time.