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About Us

The company has been engaged in construction and real estate development in Greece and southeast Europe since 1995.

Over its long history of operations in Greece and abroad, Nicon has developed a wide range of high-quality projects for important Greek and multinational enterprises, in compliance with international standards. These include gas service stations, bank branches, restaurants, cafés, industrial plants, offices and other commercial premises. We have also developed high-quality residential complexes renovated a significant number of apartments and commercial buildings.

The company employs highly qualified with a lot of experience and excellent technical training. Nicon invests in continuous education and training to meet the challenges of the market and to offer the best services and value to its clients. A dynamic team of civil engineers, architects, electrical engineers and foremen are always ready to tackle problems and to deliver the agreed project on time meeting the highest quality standards.

By investing in innovation and focusing on high-quality customer service, Nicon has completed more than 500 major projects in Greece and southeast Europe. Thanks to its talented and experienced staff, the company is moving steadily forward to a profitable future, responding successfully to the challenges of our times.


Our staff is capable of providing integrated services of high quality, using the latest innovative methods. We offer significant reductions in cost and the time required to complete a project, always attuned to the interests of our clients.

Our range of activities include:

  • Renovation of residential and commercial buildings
  • Construction of residential and commercial buildings
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Projects in all engineering fields
  • Studies of all engineering specialities
  • Development of franchise networks
  • Construction of specialized buildings, including warehouses, museums, factories, gas stations, etc.
  • Management of major projects
  • Evaluation of real estate investments in real estate in Greece and in Europe


Our main objective is to win the confidence and respect of our clients by keeping them fully satisfied.

Our philosophy is based on:

  • The consistent quality of the projects we undertake and faithful adherence to the contracts we sign with our clients
  • Cost reduction
  • Innovative solutions
  • Correct identification of the requirements of each project
  • TUse of certified materials and high value of services

The company applies advanced techniques under the supervision of an experienced project. Each project is handled by an appropriate team of executive officers and constantly assessed experienced subcontractors.

Every project is designed and implemented in accordance with the principles of the Project Management and Quality Assurance.


Grigoris Skalistiras

CEO – MEng / MSc (Oxford) / MBA / PMP

Grigoris Skalistiras has had more than 20 years of entrepreneurial activities in northeastern Europe in construction, facility management and project management. His extensive clientele includes banks, hospitals, oil and pharmaceutical companies and food retailers.

In 2009, he founded Nicon Ltd. and remains its CEO to the day. He has also served as chairman of the Board of Directors for OFC SA, Vice-President of Unikonti Ltd, as well as the founder and CEO of SKALISTIRA SA, ΝΙCHE LTD και ISOPANEL Co.

Grigoris Skalistiras received his MSc in Major Programme Management from the University of Oxford. He also holds an MBA degree from the Fox School of Business at Temple University (Philadelphia, USA) and an MEng from the Technical University of Crete. He is Founder and Honorary President of the Greek Association of Industrial and Management Engineers. He has been elected as Member of the Assembly Presidium of Technical Chamber of Greece and served as both Head and member of Scientific Committees. He is awarded by the Class D Licence in the Greek Register of Construction Experience (MEK).