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Fields of operation

1. Construction & Real Estate Services

Nicon has been operating in the fields of construction and real estate development for two decades designing and implementing hundreds of major projects.

With innovative methods, new applications and, above all, the expertise of our experienced and specialised personnel, we have worked with most of the leading Greek and multinational enterprises, constructing professional premises of the highest quality under exclusive contractor contracts signed with those enterprises. We also had the pleasure of ensuring comfortable and functional living conditions for many people by building houses and residential complexes that serve to the utmost the modern needs of contemporary living.

At the same time, we offer comprehensive property management services to individuals and companies, always ensuring and promoting the interests of our clients in the most effective way.

The modern era has increased the public’s demand for even better living conditions, whilst also creating a greater need for affordable projects with reduced budgets. We achieve both of these by reducing all your costs and using the latest, smart innovative applications.

By identifying the need to create a fully functional and tasteful personal space for people, Nicon can construct and renovate houses and residential complexes that fully meet the needs of modern living and are affordable.

By using innovative solutions and materials, we can design a space that will cover all of your needs and desires at an acceptable cost, adding value to your real estate.

One of the most fundamental fields of our expertise in recent years has been the construction of commercial units for large or small businesses.

Our highly qualified staff has worked hard for the design and construction of:

  • The bank offices and branches of the largest credit institutions with registered seat in Greece, such as PIRAEUS BANK, NATIONAL BANK, CREDIT AGRICOLE BANK, EUROBANK, ALPHA BANK, MARFIN BANK etc.
  • Gas stations of international oil giants, such as BP, ECO, SHELL, MOBIL, CYCLON etc.
  • Restaurants and cafes, including DODONI, McDONALD’S, STARBUCKS etc.
  • Facilities of successful and profitable companies, such as DODONI, PAPYROS, ECO, CYCLON etc., in Greece and SE Europe.

Our main power and potential is focused on:

  • Our innovative designs
  • The immediate and successful solution to any problem, the moment it arises
  • The use of appropriate materials
  • The complete utilisation of all available areas
  • Our bioclimatic applications and the way we adapt premises to the specifications of each company
  • Our ability to build premises of both highly aesthetic and functional value, adding value to the business of our clients

Nicon offers and implements integrated management services of its construction projects to ensure the timely delivery of quality results. For this reason, we supervise all development stages of a project, from the assignment, scheduling and the beginning of the works on-site to the implementation report, construction, quality control and, finally, its completion. This ensures high quality and aesthetic results in the shortest possible time and at the lowest cost.

To achieve these objectives we:

  • Scrutinise and record the detailed scope of works
  • Propose and rationally utilise the agreed available funds
  • Adhere strictly to the time schedule without any delay
  • Apply modern techniques of quality control and quality assurance
  • Renew and optimize the design of the project, depending on the issues raised

Our services are solely aimed at meeting and safeguarding the interests of our clients, adding value to their investment.

2. Maintenance & Repair Services

During any maintenance work undertaken by Nicon, we design and apply a specific maintenance procedure for each client, according to which the the response time, the scope and costs of the maintenance works are recorded. We also analyse and clarify the required steps for obtaining authorization for the work before being able to implement it in full, and specify the estimated time for the final completion of the work, in order to achieve a perfect service for our clients.

The company has the necessary experience and qualified personnel to provide:

  • An annual preventive maintenance schedule
  • Regular checking of the status of equipment and facilities
  • An appropriate Execution Policy of preventive maintenance
  • A 24-hour service that covers sudden damage
  • Upgrading or expansion of existing facilities

Intervention Teams for each project are set up, consisting of members of staff with the necessary skills and qualifications to achieve the desired goal directly and effectively.

Nicon also offers comprehensive maintenance services, whenever needed, in response to calls for emergency interventions, through our Fault-Reporting Hotline Service.

Our services cover the maintenance of:

  • Building and Electro-mechanical Installations
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
  • lighting and Automations
  • Medium Voltage Unit Substations
  • Structured Cabling Systems & Networks
  • BMS
  • Water and Sewage Networks
  • Fiber Optics Networks

We provide preventative maintenance of the equipment in residential and commercial units at regular intervals, a fundamental condition for comfortable and safe living.

Nicon offers a comprehensive package of preventative maintenance, including regular inspections, adjustments, cleaning, lubrication and minor repairs of equipment, providing replacements where necessary, from specialised teams, according to international quality standards and certifications.

We also prepare an annual maintenance schedule to ensure the smooth functioning of the equipment, which describes the work that is required for each installation in detail and the machinery needed. The preventative maintenance instructions given are carried out strictly within the timeframe by teams of qualified experts.

Meanwhile, Nicon offers complete corrective maintenance services by effectively and directly restoring any damage that occurs unexpectedly to the equipment, by repairing or replacing it.

After simply calling the client, at any day and time of the day that is convenient to the client, our qualified staff arrives on-site to repair any damage or malfunction of the equipment.

Our maintenance services are supported by iMaint software, with which we can produce a complete picture of each client’s needs, on a 24/7 basis. This software can be delivered to each client, after providing him with a special license in order to obtain web access. This enables the client to even give our team orders regarding the specific work.

The software also provides our technical managers and clients with all the necessary information about the facilities, equipment and arrangements of each client, enabling the immediate detection and remedy of potential damage, the scheduling of regular maintenance, and the optimum management of the required staff and the appropriate materials for each work.

In this way, a full record of the history of each installation is achieved and the steps that are needed to ensure that clients enjoy the efficient functioning of Nicon’s logistical infrastructure can be scheduled and implemented. Moreover, the client can avoid charges due to improper operation, reduce energy consumption and cut costs by reducing maintenance time.

Nicon’s Support service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Sundays and public holidays.

We will supply you with a special telephone number to call at any time of the day to speak with our staff, who will immediately engage the appropriate specialised team to solve your problem quickly and efficiently.

Our helpdesk has an electronic system that accurately records all the information supplied to us by our clients on the phone, while both the coordination of our technical support and the progress of our work is continuously monitored.

3. Renovation Services

The primary criterion for a successful development and use of a living or working area is the good feeling it creates in people and the positive impact it has on them. The renovation and remodelling of living or working spaces is a necessary condition not only for improving their functionality, but also for their aesthetic enhancement that results in high living and working standards.

You can trust the expertise, know-how and experience that Nicon has in the field of home, office and business renovations, since we use only high-quality materials and the most effective, functional designs at a significantly reduced cost. Using our long gained and extensive experience in the renovation of residential and commercial units (e.g. offices, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants etc.), we can create for you a more convenient and enjoyable daily routine at home or/ and a more functional and friendly working environment for your staff with the most effective utilisation of your business area.